We are proud to have been selected as a speakers for the upcoming NDPA 2019 Educational Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana!  Our presenters will be giving a 45 minute talk, including a question and answer period, in the Legislation & Codes Breakout Track portion of the event on April 17th.

CA State Senator Josh Newman

CA State Senator Josh Newman. While in the CA state Senate Josh was the author of SB 442, and other child, youth and military veteran health and safety legislation.

Catherine Barankin

Catherine Barankin, Executive Director CA Coalition for Children’s Safety and Health (CCCSH). CCCSH was lead co-sponsor of SB 442, and Cathy was involved in original legislation in 1990s that created CA’s 1996 Pool Safety Act. Cathy is also the lead Technical Assistance and Training Program Administrator for CA’s Dept of Public Health Kids Plates Local Childhood Coalition Development Program.

Steve Barrow

Steve Barrow, Program Director CCCSH. Steve and Cathy were lead staff behind SB 442 support efforts, and like Cathy, I was involved in writing and advocating for the 1996 CA Pool Safety Act. Steve also serves on CA’s state Emergency Medical Services Commission, which oversees all EMS first responder EMT, Paramedic, Police EMS training, certification and discipline.

Cathy and Steve also serve as state Co-Chairs of CA’s childhood Unintentional Injury Prevention Strategic Plan Project. The Project is the result of more than 70 stakeholder private organizations and several state and national agencies, efforts to end unintentional injury as the leading cause of death and hospitalization for CA’s children and youth through age 19 years old.

Nadina Riggsbee

Nadina Riggsbee, Founder and President Drowning Prevention Foundation, and co-sponsor of SB 442