A Local Public Service Announcement

Local Public Service Announcements

Troop 975 presents a public service announcement warning about drowning. This PSA is scheduled to air on Vacaville public television (channel 26). Drowning is still a serious problem. This astonishing video begins with a cinematic representation and ends with an interview with Nadina Riggsbee. It was produced for the Vacaville Public Information Office and written and directed by Brandon Kalinowski for his Eagle project in 2012.

Pool Safely Public Service Announcements

Pool Safely has worked cooperatively with several leading pool and spa industry leaders to create public service announcements and educational videos that can be easily downloaded and used by anyone who is interested in providing drowning and drain entrapment prevention messages to clients, contacts or staff.  Drain Covers and Your Safety is now available for you to download. This two-minute video was produced to support public education about compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act.  In addition, the National Swimming Pool Foundation, featured in the video, has a FREE online training course for proper pool and spa inspections for compliance with the VGB P&SSAct.  Register at www.nspf.org to take this course at no cost.

As a reminder, Pool Safely has a seven-part educational video in English and Spanish that is available on our website: www.PoolSafely.gov/videos/.  The Pool Safely public service announcements can be viewed on YouTube or in hard copy by contacting poolsafely@cpsc.gov.

Drain Covers and Your Safety  FREE Online Training Course
www.PoolSafely.gov/videos/  YouTube Public Service Ann.  www.nspf.org

Simple Steps to Safer Pools Video

In conjunction with the NDPA’s contract in support of the CPSC’s Pool Safely Campaign, the NDPA has announced the release of a new video, “Simple Steps to Safer Pools.” This video may be downloaded and placed on your own website, or the link, which can be found on the NDPA’s Facebook page, can be forwarded through social networking sites.

Watch The Simple Steps Video

Simple Steps Save Lives PSA

This PSA, narrated by Ming-Na, for the Pool Safely campaign highlights 4 profiles of families experiences with the simple steps to keep you and your family safe around the pool and spa.

Watch The Simple Steps Video

Here are videos depicting the types of exposure children face when around water unsupervised. Remember – kids aren’t drown-proof!

Bucket Safety Video

Windows Media Video – 4.2Mb


Bucket Video – English

Bucket Video – Spanish



Pool Safety Video

Windows Media Video – 5.2Mb


Pool Video – English

Pool Video – Spanish



Bathtub Safety Video

Windows Media Video – 3.3Mb


Tub Video – English

Tub Video – Spanish